About us

If you are looking for a unique gift for someone special to you, then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE!

Our target in Elegant Mamas is to provide you and the one you love. With not only a traditional Birthday gift or an ordinary Mother's Day gift, or a boring anniversary gift! Our goal is to help you share and capture an unforgettable moment with your loved one and make a memory that will last forever.


Elegant Mamas' Mission


We realized we struggled to find other stores that sold high-quality handmade jewelry while offering the Right Presentation.

In Elegant Mamas, we believe that generic gifts, especially jewelry, are not good enough anymore in 2021, no matter how good they are!

If you have A SPECIAL SOMONE in your life, then go for the extra mile and bring them that SPECIAL GIFT that they deserve!

And for a gift to be Special, PERSONALIZATION is the key! A recipient must feel that this gift was made for them and THEM ONLY.


The question now is how our products are any different from our competitors? What is unique about our SPECIAL-GIFTS?


To answer this, we will break down the elements that make Elegant Mamas' presents unique from others.

With every product, We promise you the following.

  • Stunningly Beautiful Handmade Necklace
  • High-Quality Material and Finish (14K White Gold / 18K Yellow Gold / Silver / Surgical Stainless steel)
  • Customizable Touching Message Card That will Melt Her Heart 
  • Elegant Box that will highlight EVERYTHING inside (The Mahogany box lights up when you open it)
  • Friendly Customer Care
  • Fast Delivery (3-5 days) *
  • Easy Return (30 Days Money Back Guarantee).

  *All our products are made and shipped with Love from Florida, USA.

   You can check Shipping by clicking the link for the latest updates.

**You can review our Refund Policy by clicking the link.


Navigating The Website


To make it easy for you to navigate the Website, you can go to the top menu. For example, under Gifts and Jewelry, you can shop by the Necklace shape or the recipient. 

For instance, if you are looking for a gift for your mother, you can find it by clicking on Gift For Mom. If you are a mom yourself and looking for a gift for your daughter, you can find all necklaces with all different designs made for daughters by simply clicking on Gift For Daughter.

Another way is to choose the chain you like from the Collection Page, and when you land on the page, use the filter option to narrow it down.

You will find Various Beautiful Necklaces on the Collection Page, including the Interlocking Hearts Necklace, a symbol of the Never-ending love between the two of you. The Infinity Heart Necklace represents the infinite love you admire for your loved one. The Anchor Necklace with a heart shape in the middle, the anchor, is grounding the heart and keeping it in place among the ever-changing sea, speaks for forever friendship. You can also find the astonishing handcrafted Forever Love Necklace in that collection with two alternatives, 14K White Gold finish and 18K Yellow Gold finish. And way more than that when you check the display.


In Elegant Mamas, We don't want to provide you with "Good" service, not just an "Excellent" one. Our goal is to give you what you deserve,


Buy from us today, and experience the Elegant Mamas Difference, and as a promise, you won't regret it.